How Brainvire Can Help Improve Your Online Store

 The increased use of mobile devices has triggered a rise in eCommerce driving more people to shop online. Many businesses are now seeking to hire e-commerce development companies to customize their platforms. Brainvire is an e-commerce development company that provides the best software and e-commerce development services for many industries in more than 80 countries. In addition, the company offers technical solutions to online stores to achieve a better experience. Here is how Brainvire can help you with e-commerce for your online store.

1. Marketing your e-commerce platform

Brainvire has created an effective e-commerce marketing plan to address your business objectives and monitor SEO activities on your platform to increase the visibility of your website. Brainvire directs more traffic to your website by using marketing tools and SEO techniques like finding your competitors' best-performing pages and Optimizing 'People Also Ask.'

2. Integrated payment gateway and Ecommerce Analytics

A payment gateway is a technology used by traders to facilitate payments for online retailers. Brainvire integrates popular payment gateways and mobile wallets to your platform for customers to pay conveniently and securely. In addition, they also enable chargeback prevention and accept multiple payment methods. Some of the gateways used by Brainvire include PayPal, GooglePay,, and ApplePay, which are household names. Ecommerce analytics is a method of collecting data from all areas of your online store to understand the changing consumer behaviors. Brainvire continuously checks your e-commerce platform to ensure it operates effectively across different devices. As a result, you will know about the ins and outs of your analytics, such as the number of people visiting your store and the products they view.

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