Trends in Website Development


As eCommerce dynamics shift over time, so do the trends in website development. Therefore, businesses need to adapt to the changing trends and incorporate them in their eCommerce business strategy for sustenance amidst the ever-increasing competition and catering to consumer needs effectively.

In this section, we have outlined a few trends in web development you may find helpful.

Responsive websites and Accelerated Mobile Pages

Given the increase in the use of mobile devices over the years, web designs must be compatible across multiple platforms and have a fast response rate. Therefore, optimizing the website for mobiles is a crucial determinant of their overall ranking in today's times. One development in this regard is the Accelerated Mobile Pages that work across various mobile devices and load in a matter of seconds.

Connectivity with other applications

Businesses need to develop solutions that allow for the website's connectivity with other applications as mobile and hand-held device use is increasing. Therefore, there should be more focus on API-first development. When the design for the integration comes before execution, the website's front-end is in perfect sync with the back-end support, and the connectivity is, therefore, efficient and error-free.

Voice search optimization

The convenience offered by voice search optimization makes it a prevalent website development trend. Therefore, businesses should consider making it a pertinent part of their eCommerce strategy. For this purpose, they can use voice data in conjunction with speech recognition and speech synthesis.

Push notifications

Push notifications are a valuable tool for marketing purposes and interacting with the potential target market. Companies can enhance their outreach without the users having to subscribe to their email lists or register at the website. In addition, businesses can share relevant content in the form of blog posts and notifications etc.

Better customer service through the integration of chatbots

Like any platform, customer service remains at the forefront of eCommerce platforms as well. AI-powered chatbots have allowed businesses to provide 24/7 support to their customers. Not only are their queries dealt with instantly, but the overall user experience is also enhanced.

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